Industrial Gutter Repair

January 5, 2021

Industrial Gutter Repair

January 5, 2021


Industrial Gutter Repair – How to Repair Leaking Gutters

Gutters prevent water ingress into the fabric of a building by channelling the rainwater away from the exterior of the walls and their foundations. Industrial guttering is designed to manage big volumes of rainwater drainage from very large roof areas. Leaking industrial gutters can cause flooding, leaking and water ingress into your building.

Gutter cleaning

Industrial gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year to keep them in good condition and ensure they continue to direct water away from your building. Clogged gutters and poor drainage quickly lead to water build up, plant growth and standing water resulting in accelerated corrosion and subsequent leaks. Industrial gutter cleaning is the most straightforward way to combat gutter problems. Regular maintenance of gutters will ensure they are clear of debris and free flowing. Allowing them to work as originally intended. Proactive gutter cleaning helps prevent costly repairs and damage to products.

Industrial gutter maintenance

Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, industrial gutters can degrade over time and can cause a number of issues for all types of buildings. These problems will eventually lead to damage to other parts of the building and can become very costly. It’s important to look into options for repairing the gutters as soon as these problems become apparent.

Common reasons for gutter failure include:

  • Clogged gutters can cause water leakage into the building as the water backs up
  • Clogged gutters can also lead to stagnant water build up allowing grasses and weeds to grow in the gutter
  • Inadequate falls leads to poor drainage and standing water which promotes substrate failure
  • Slow drainage causes accelerated oxidising (corrosion) at the waterline

Gutter liners for guttering repairs

Fortunately, it’s usually the lining and not the gutter itself that needs replacing. Caught in time, most guttering can be treated and its protection indefinitely preserved. There are various gutter lining systems available which come with a full waterproofing warranty. Here are just a few options: 

  • Plygene – Plygene Gutterline is a gutter lining system specifically engineered to restore and preserve gutter performance. Providing a 25-year guaranteed, seamless “gutter within a gutter” system, Plygene Gutterline offers a bespoke solution with minimal building disruption and is an effective alternative to full gutter replacement.
  • Liquasil – The Liquasil liquid gutter liner system forms a complete seamless and highly flexible lining and gutter repair system that will eliminate leaks. The Liquasil liquid gutter lining system has a product warranty of 15 years as standard.
  • Giromax Girosil – Provides an all-weather protective coating with the flexibility and durability you need to ensure watertight guttering for years to come. Designed to re-line metal, concrete and asbestos guttering and rainwater systems, this product withstands years of UV rays and extremes of weather and temperature.

Experienced industrial gutter installer

Cladspray can not only clean your industrial gutters but offer a range of both liquid and Plygene systems to suit your needs – complete with warranties of up to 25 years. We install it whatever the complexity of the project, with minimal disruption to the daily operations of a building. We offer free, no obligation advice and quotes, to make sure that you make the best decision for your needs.


Give us a call on 01603 405318, or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you: enquiries@cladspraysolutions.co.uk


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