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It’s natural for your factory premises to need a little attention as it withstands the elements and natural wear through time. Factories are subject to rust and corrosion, meaning you will need to think about factory renovation at some point. Cladspray Solutions specialise in various types of industrial protective coatings and factory paint jobs, for all areas of factory renovation work.

Metal Painting & Corrosion Control – Interior and exterior metal staircases, machinery, bollards, chequer plate flooring, silos, industrial pipes, bridges etc. We can offer various services for factory painting and on-site blasting methods for corrosion removal (using non-sparking methods when required).

Epoxy Floor Coatings – Factory floor painting, loading bays, walkways, chemical bunds, car parks etc. We can offer various on-site mechanical floor preparation such as shot blasting and diamond grinding.

Roof coatings & Cladding Coatings – Exterior cladding renovation, waterproofing roof coatings for metal roofs, cut-edge corrosion, flat roofs & asbestos roofs.

Interior paint spraying & Ceiling spraying – Factory painting, interior paint spraying, ceiling spraying, walls and corridors where extra durability or fire ratings are required.

Hygienic & Food Safe Coatings – Non-taint, anti-bacterial and food safe coatings for specialist factory control areas.

Factory renovation services we offer:


Industrial roof coating


Cladding spraying


Epoxy floor coating


Gutter linings


Interior spraying


Cut edge corrosion repair


Industrial roof light works

We’re very pleased with the final product, and very pleased that we have a manufacturer’s 15 year guarantee to go along with it. I would highly recommend Cladspray Solutions for their competitive pricing, their professional approach, and the excellent quality of their products.

Martin Pavitt

Chief Engineer, Birds Eye Ltd.


01603 405318

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