Our Most Significant Industrial Renovation Project

March 8, 2024

Our Most Significant Industrial Renovation Project

March 8, 2024

Written by: Cladspray


This year has seen the completion of arguably our most significant project in our 11-year history, as we relocated to a state-of-the-art facility on Mason Road in Norwich.

Finding the right industrial building to renovate

As the business started to grow over the years, we found ourselves spilling out of our old unit; from humble beginnings run out of our directors’ garage, to a base in the heart of Norwich, we were now stretching the limits of the unit’s capacity and filling its driveway twice over with our fleet of vans. However, setting out to make a positive move forward, we knew we had found the right renovation project when a building on the same road as us became available in 2021.

An old Speedy Hire unit, the site boasted a large footprint with two pre-existing buildings. Our usual approach would involve us carefully restoring as much of the original building’s existing structure as we could,  applying roof coatings, respraying the cladding, applying a resin floor coating and so on. However after we had acquired the site, it became evident that a substantial adjustment to our plans was necessary.

Work starts on the renovation in 2023

After considerable scoping, work started on the project in 2023. We didn’t want to see the business outgrow the space again, so we took the decision to demolish the single-storey offices and build a new two-storey office in it’s place. Keen to work with local suppliers, we contracted Newnham Structures for the steelwork, with Ovamill carrying out the groundworks.

It wasn’t just the office building that got the attention; the warehouse to the rear of the site was in enough of a fair condition that we were able to roll our sleeves up too. We added new roof lights and gave it full interior paint spraying, applied intumescent steel coating, and a resin floor coating, giving it the full Cladspray experience!

The project, like all industrial renovations had its challenges, but overall we were very pleased that the work was completed in great time, and it was time for the finishing touches.

Interior and Exterior: Giving the Site the Full Renovation Treatment

It was very much our intention to create a space that our team felt really happy to spend time in, so we instructed another local independent, Bluespace to do our interior design and fit out, and Protech to work their magic on our tech suite. The state-of-the-art display screens, market-leading sound systems and other essentials have really given the building the wow factor, but have also aided our productivity in the office. Finally, finishing off the roll call of fantastic contractors that we have in the area, Contract Electrical took on the electrical work, with Anglia Air Conditioning helping us keep our cool, and GSign taking care of the signage around the entire site.

Finally reaching its conclusion two years after we found the premises, we invited many of our clients, allies, friends and family to experience the space at our launch party.

Fully settled in now, with day-to-day operations being truly enhanced by the efficiency of the space, we’re already experiencing the benefits of this, our most challenging but rewarding project to date.


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