Cladspray Solutions are able to carry out a range of industrial rooflight works; from repairs to replacement. Roof lights are a great source of natural light within a building. However, over time, they can become discoloured, damaged or brittle. Once this happens, just one strong gust of wind could cause the roof light to tear, and could leave your building exposed to leaks.

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Common issues

Problems can occur when roof lights are not properly maintained. Materials also tend to weaken over the years. If you’ve spotted any issues, it’s usually wise to organise an inspection to assess what industrial rooflight works are needed.

Typical problems you might notice with roof lights are water leaks, discolouration (often brown or beige), and cracks and/or splits.

Industrial Rooflight works and replacements

Cladspray Solutions are able to visit your site to assess the situation – advising you on what industrial rooflight works need carrying out to fix the problem. We can remove faulty industrial roof lights and replace with new, or repair an existing roof light if the damage is minimal. We can source roof lights to match the exact same size and profile of your existing roof lights. Our installers will ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Industrial roof coatings

In addition to industrial rooflight works, Cladspray Solutions also offer a range of industrial roof coating solutions. We can repair or refurbish your existing roof – saving you the cost of replacing with new materials. Whether you want to help prolong the life of your roof, or it is in need of repair and suffering from leaks; we can help. Like all our solutions, we can offer out of hours working to minimise any disruption to your business

We work nationwide

Based near Norwich (Norfolk) in the East of England; we are available to work all over the UK. We also offer an out of hours service to minimise disruption to your business.

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To find out more about the services we offer, including industrial roof coatingscut edge corrosion repair and intumescent coatings, take a look here.

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