One of the most common problems in metal profile sheeting is cut edge corrosion. Over time the corrosion degrades the sheets breaking down the factory protective coating at the edges of the sheet. Cladspray treat the rust and corrosion which are common results of this problem.

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what is cut edge corrosion?

Cladding sheets are coated when they are manufactured to protect them from the elements. When these sheets are cut to size, the edges aren’t re-coated, leaving them exposed. Over time, the edges of the cladding sheets are likely to rust. This can lead to leaks and eventually lead to the cladding panels needing to be replaced.


Cladspray Solutions offer on site cut edge corrosion treatment systems. We mechanically remove the corrosion and re-coat all the damages edge laps with a new watertight and anti-corrosive coating.

corrosion repair and cladding renovation

By treating the corrosion, you can prolong the lifespan of the panels. Cut edge corrosion repair includes:

  • Surface preparation and high pressure wash down
  • Removal of any loose paint and corrosion by hand grinding
  • Application of gun-applied sealant to fill any gaps
  • Cladding coating

Protective coatings for corrosion control

We are Giromax approved contractors and work with cut edge corrosion treatment manufacturers like Rustoleum to apply a new, long lasting and completely anti-corrosive system to these problematic edge laps to fully re-coat and re-waterproof the building.

Warranties available

Warranties of up to 15 years are available for cut edge corrosion treatment to give long lasting peace of mind.

We work nationwide

Based near Norwich (Norfolk) in the East of England; we are available to work all over the UK. We also offer an out of hours service to minimise disruption to your business.

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