where are you based?

Cladspray Solutions are commercial paint spraying contractors based in Norwich, Norfolk in the East of England.

Do you work nationwide?

Yes – although we are based in Norwich, Norfolk; we work all over the UK to meet your commercial spray painting needs.

What services to you offer?

Cladspray Solutions offer a range of building renovation and on site spraying services. These include:

  • Asbestos roof coatings
  • Car showroom spraying
  • Ceiling spraying
  • Cladding spraying
  • Cladding painting
  • Commercial epoxy floor coating
  • Cut edge corrosion repair
  • Gutter relining
  • Industrial roof coatings
  • Industrial flat roof solutions
  • Intumescent coatings
  • Internal decorations and spraying
  • Office window spraying
  • Roller door spraying
  • Shopfront spraying

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cladding coatings questions

Can you paint cladding?

Yes! By painting your cladding with the right paint, you can extend the lifetime of your cladding by up to fifteen years. It’s more cost effective than replacing cladding, and causes less disruption to your business. We offer a range of cladding spraying and painting services, and can tailor our solutions to your needs.

What are protective coatings?

Protective coatings are a simple way to reduce corrosion, by limiting the exposure of the metal to a corrosive environment. It can also be used to increase a materials aesthetic appeal.

What does HVLP stand for?

HVLP stands for ‘High-volume, low-pressure’.

What are HVLP sprayers?

HVLP Spray systems use a lightweight air turbine instead of a large air compressor to supply the air to atomise the paint. Being lightweight, means they are extremely portable. With HVLP Spray Guns, the air is supplied at a much lower pressure which means the amount of overspray is reduced as it is propelled at a much lower speed than conventional airspray. This can reduce time as well as cost – great for you, and our spraying contractors!

What does airless spray painting mean?

An airless sprayer pumps the paint under very high pressure via a specialised hose into a small hole in the nozzle of the sprayer. Airless spraying gives a smooth and even finish, which can withstand wear and tear as well as harmful corrosion effects.

Can you spray paint in cold weather?

Cold weather can make it difficult to spray paint. Paint will not stick to frosty surfaces, and even if it does, it may not cure properly. Other problems faced with painting in cold weather, include:


  • Paint becomes thicker and more difficult to apply (in extreme cold, it can even freeze!)
  • Spray gun may get clogged easily
  • Runs and drips are common
  • Colour uniformity can be poor
  • Damp can seep into uncured paint – this can cause stains and rust
  • We can advise you if the paint we are using for your project is suitable for particular temperatures.

cut-edge corrosion questions

What is cut edge corrosion?

Cladding sheets are coated when they are manufactured to protect them from the elements. When these sheets are cut to size, the edges aren’t re-coated, leaving them exposed. Over time, the edges of the cladding sheets are likely to rust. This can lead to leaks and eventually lead to the cladding panels needing to be replaced.

What is cut edge protection?

By treating the cut edge corrosion, you can prolong the lifespan of the panels. Cut edge protection includes:

  • Surface preparation and high pressure wash down
  • Removal of any loose paint and corrosion by hand grinding
  • Application of gun-applied sealant to fill any gaps
  • Re-spray cladding
  • Cladspray Solutions can offer guarantees against peeling, blistering and cracking for up to 10 years.

floor coatings questions

What is epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy coatings are usually packaged in two parts that are mixed prior to application. The two parts consist of an epoxy resin, a co-reactant or hardener

When mixed together, they react to form a strong and durable plastic material. It’s so strong, it can be used in heavy traffic areas and industrial environments.

Sherwin Williams complete guide of epoxy coatings for industrial and marine applications.

Why use epoxy floor coatings?

Whether you want to renew an existing floor coating, renovate a warehouse floor, mark out safe areas, or line a plant room or tank bund – commercial epoxy floor coatings provide you with a hard wearing, durable surface, available in a range of colours. Suitable for:


  • Car parks
  • Factories
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Bunds

intumescent coatings questions

What is intumescent coating?

Intumescent coating, often referred to as intumescent paint, is used in buildings as a passive fire protection measure. When applied to structural steel, intumescent coatings form a protective layer on the surface. This will increase the time that the steel remains structurally sound during a fire to enable the building to be evacuated. To find out more about intumescent coatings, read our blog

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