Curtain Wall Spraying

Curtain walling can provide a dramatic architectural effect to industrial buildings, but the maintaining of its frame is paramount to ensuring the property is corrosion proof, weather resistant and gives the best impression of its inhabitants or owners. 

Although it is non-structural, curtain wall replacement proves very costly, which is why re-coating and repairing your existing curtain wall is a more cost-effective solution.

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Why re-spray Curtain Walling?

There are two elements to curtain walling; the frame, usually aluminium, and its infills,  predominantly made of glass. Both materials are costly to replace, and the associated labour even more so. Whilst glass is prone to its own hazards, maintaining its frame to a high standard will give you the best possible chance of longevity for the entire structure. 
Curtain walls are often an architectural decision based on design sensibilities, but they can also be a means of weather shielding and heat retention. That being said, a striking façade does reflect strongly on the business, or businesses inside. Re-spraying your curtain wall can be all that’s  needed to restore the original elegance of the building. 

Curtain Wall Spraying – The Process

Unlike structural replacement, curtain wall spraying doesn’t need to be a disruptive process. We are  highly experienced in working around our clients’ day-to-day trading, while still giving a thorough treatment to your aluminium framing. 

First, we see to the surface preparation, cleaning and degreasing all areas with a high-pressure wash down, then we remove any existing corrosion and repair damage. A high standard of preparation will ensure the paint bonds to the substrate, and allows us the confidence in guaranteeing our work – in most cases for up to 15 years.

Once the existing frame has been prepared, we undertake a two-pack paint method, which is spray painted on to your curtain wall, ensuring that glass and other trimmings are given a protective cover first, to ensure no over-spray.

Health and safety

Health and safety is our top priority at Cladspray Solutions. All our operatives hold CSCS cards and IPAF licences. Method statements, risk assessments and COSHH statements are all provided before the start of a project. 

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Cladspray Solutions carry out exterior and interior spraying throughout the UK. Paint is available in virtually any colour and we can match colours to your requirements. We can carry out the work out of hours to minimise disruption to your business.  You can find out more about the other services we offer here.

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  • Sustain the life of your existing curtain walling
  • Project a stronger corporate image
  • Commercial landlords may be able to demand a higher level of rent
  • Weather proofing your curtain wall is an insurance against our erratic seasons.

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