Industrial Roof repairs in winter

November 28, 2023

Industrial Roof repairs in winter

November 28, 2023

Written by: Cladspray
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Industrial roof repairs are an essential part of your building maintenance, but during winter, the upkeep or repair sees its own unique challenges. As winter sets in between December to February, the weather in the UK turns cold and wet, as we know – often with temperatures plunging below 0c – and sometimes even snow. While it is more important than ever to ensure your building is protected at these times, and that your roof is well maintained, any industrial roof repairs should be carried out with care. 


One of the key factors in carrying out this kind of work during the colder, wetter months is health and safety – not just of the team carrying out the work, but also of your own workforce. If you suspect a roof leak or other damage, it may be tempting to try to scale the height yourself to inspect the damage. 

We would urge you to take advantage of the free site surveys that companies like ours carry out. We are experienced and qualified to work at heights and in some instances, our feet will stay on the ground with our drone making easy work of inspecting those hard-to-reach places. 

Another consideration is the treatments or materials that will be used for your industrial roof repairs. It’s essential that you use materials that are suitable for low temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Read on for our recommended winter-grade roofing products.   

Potential roof risks during winter

Keeping your industrial roof in good condition is key not just in avoiding leaks, but it also plays a large role in maintaining the structural integrity of your building. Early diagnosis and treatment will potentially save you extensive renovation further down the line. If you’ve spotted any of these signs, it’s usually wise to organise an inspection to assess what industrial roof repairs are needed:


Freezing and thawing are one of the main culprits in industrial roof damage – often causing peeling, cracking and rust to panels. Rust on the edge of panels, also known as cut-edge corrosion, can lead to leaks and eventually lead to the cladding panels needing to be replaced.


Although icicles in the winter are a beautiful sight to see, they can be an indication an ice dam has formed. Ice dams can form when there is a ridge of ice build-up along one of the edges of the roof panels. This collection of ice then stops any excess water from being able to pass it and drain away as though it usually would.


Uninsulated roofs with single-skin metal sheeting can sometimes suffer from condensation during the winter. Warm air from inside the building cools on contact with the metal sheeting. If condensation is allowed to form, it can drip from the roof, wetting the building’s fittings and/or contents.  Excess moisture may run down the inside of the roof and collect elsewhere within the building fabric where it can cause rust or damage to fittings.

Prevention is beTter than cure

Assessing your industrial roof on a regular basis during the winter months is incredibly important. What starts off as a small problem, can escalate very quickly in the winter. This can leave you looking at replacement, rather than repair – a much more expensive and disruptive process. If you spot anything that could cause a potential problem, it’s best to get a professional in to have a look and assess the damage up front.

Can work be done in winter?

Obviously, although maintenance work is certainly easier to carry out in spring, summer and autumn; industrial roof repairs can still be carried out in the colder months of winter with precautions, as we’ve said. There are a number of winter-grade coating products suitable for use in colder temperatures. A quality roof coating product, such as those offered by  GiromaxRustoleum and Liquasil will protect against cracking and peeling and prevents rust from spreading.  The typical industrial roof lasts about 20-30 years if properly maintained, while timely restoration can increase that lifespan by an additional 10-15 years or longer.


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