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Cladspray Solutions recently completed all the industrial coatings and decorating work on a large industrial unit refurbishment in Norwich. Unit 4, Caley Close on the Sweetbriar industrial estate had a number of issues, particularly concerning the leaking roof and gutters and required complete asbestos roof repair and refurbishment throughout the entire building.

Working closely with the main contractor, Stowson Ltd, Cladspray Solutions won the tender to carry out the asbestos roof repair, replacement of 68 roof lights, gutter coating, cladding spraying, external aluminium window spraying, warehouse floor coating, internal warehouse wall spraying, portal frame steel painting, and internal office and joinery decorating. This project covered many of the on-site spraying services that we offer, in one project.


 Asbestos roof repair

The particular area of concern was the asbestos roof. The roof had numerous leaks, several damaged sheets, lots of vegetation and moss growth throughout, with all of the roof lights needing to be replaced. The gutters were also leaking. The other big consideration was that this project had to be completed over December and January, meaning that weather conditions were going to be an ongoing factor, and that we had to find a winter grade product that could meet the 15-year warranty that the client required.

Scaffolding with handrails and platforms was erected, internal netting was fitted and we used Youngman’s walking board with handrails to safely access the roof. The roof was cleaned and all of the waste water was filtered and collected in asbestos waste approved containers, in line with HSE guidelines, to ensure that no asbestos waste escaped into the drainage systems. The gutters were also cleaned out and the water was also filtered to ensure safe the asbestos cleaning was carried out correctly.


Any cracked or broken roof sheets were over sheeted with new GRP roof sheets and the 68 old roof lights were replaced with new. Once all preparation was complete and the new roof lights were fitted, the roof was coated with Alltimes Advantage Asbestos Roof Coating. The product had been specified by Nigel Alltimes and agreed for use by the client. This coating was ideal to use of this particular project because of its low temperature application and moisture curing capabilities. The preparation and coating process was checked regularly throughout by Alltimes Coatings to ensure that the coating system was being applied in line with the specification and to ensure the 15 year warranty could be issued upon completion. Alltimes Coatings commented throughout the roof coating procedure on the high quality of workmanship and attention to detail shown by Cladspray Solutions.

Once the roof coating was complete, the gutters were also coated with a specialist industrial metal gutter coating system to ensure that all roof and gutter leaks had now been eradicated.


 spraying and painting

Once the roof work was complete and the building was now water tight, the rest of the spraying and decorating work could now be carried out. This included the preparation and spraying of the cladding and aluminium windows, which was also carried out using a low temperature curing, winter-grade cladding coating. All of the internal warehouse mica board and brickwork was sprayed with a multi-surface primer finish. The internal portal frame steel was prepared and coated, and the warehouse floor was thoroughly cleaned and degreased, lightly abraded, finally spraying a heavy duty floor coating.

The finishing touches to this project were completed by the decorating of the office space, toilets and all internal joinery in the client’s chosen colour scheme. The main contractor, Stowson Ltd and the client were exceptionally happy with the final result to this complete industrial unit refurbishment


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