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On Site Painting Services

Motorvogue are an established name in the automotive industry, with showrooms across the East of England. Their newly acquired showroom in Norwich was to become a DS Salon showroom. However, it had all the signs of natural depreciation that we would expect from a building of that nature. Naturally, when you are marketing and selling cutting-edge motor brands, it is essential your showroom looks the part too. Motorvogue got in touch with us about our on site painting services, with a view to repairing and refreshing the showroom exterior before they moved in.

How On-Site Painting Works

We follow a thorough process in order to assess what level of on site painting services are required. Prior to commencing work, the initial survey of the existing surfaces is key to a good result going forward. We check the cladding for signs of delaminated paint or corrosion. We then pressure wash the surface until we achieve a smooth substrate on which to apply new paint. 

If windows, doors or other potential surfaces areas aren’t to be sprayed, particular care is paid to masking up those areas to eliminate over-spray onto those sections.

ON-SITE SPRAYING At DS salon showroom

For this project we carried out vertical wall cladding spraying to all areas, included the curved frontage. We also carried out spraying to the high level soffits & facias, plus the underside canopy soffit. The high performance cladding coating in the new colour scheme transformed the building, giving it a fresh new look. 


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What our customers say…

David Doherty – JST UK Ltd

From start to finish the project was managed really well with Dan and Ben in regular contact, plenty of information on what would be happening and when. We are really happy with the look of our building now the work is complete, it looks as it did when it was first built 30 years ago.  There were two operatives that did most of the work, Stuart and Travis. Really hard working and focused on giving us a great finish and that is exactly what we got. I would be more than happy to recommend Cladspray to any one needing this type of refurbishment work done and we will be using them again ourselves in the future.

Sean Carter – Rose Builders

Very pleased with the initial attendance by Dan Ruegg to discuss the project ahead of tendering. Response to queries and resolution of resolving a few issues was very positive. The site team were very polite and professional, would definitely use again.